Rock N Roll Prophet

In 1965, someone sprayed the words “Clapton is God” on the walls of London. The guitarist was only at the beginning of his career but had already made a name for himself with the Yardbirds. Yet, somehow, whoever wrote that graffiti already knew. Clapton was far more than just the talented blues guitarist on “For Your Love.”

Eric Clapton would go on to play in bands like Cream, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominoes. His decades-long solo career would win him 18 Grammy awards. Along the way, he would play on records with the Beatles, the Who, B.B. King and dozens of other artists. He would become addicted to heroin and an alcoholic. And he would become obsessed with George Harrison’s girlfriend, Pattie Boyd. The woman he would steal after writing, “Layla,” one of the most passionate, painful, desperate, love songs ever recorded.

Clapton even managed to get himself inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame not once, not twice, but three, separate, times. Once for the Yardbirds. Once for Cream. And once for his solo work. A feat no other performer had ever accomplished before and probably never will again. “God,” I’ll let you decide. But, in hindsight, that spray paint on a dirty, London wall now seems like a rock n roll prophecy.