A Very Random Christmas!

I wanted to do another holiday related Christmas post. I thought of several very specific topics but decided against doing those. Instead, I’m going totally random. Weird, heartwarming, scary, depressing, nostalgic, cute, sexy, mean, commercial, personal, whatever.

Because, honestly, Christmas IS that. Random. It’s a mix of mayhem and merriment, awesomeness and frustration, expectation and disappointment…Peace on Earth, it ain’t by a long shot. But it’s here, one way or another. So, we might as well see what we can get out of the whole deal.

If you look closely there are many, many weird and fascinating images in the mix below. I also threw in a couple of notably odd Christmas music videos. One by computer-generated TV star, Max Headroom and another by Devo.

So, here’s to the chaos and roller coaster ride that is this time of year. Here’s to the memories of Christmas Past and the hopes for Christmas Future. Here’s to that weird and wonderful thing we call the holidays.

Merry Christmas and have a random one!