Godard Posters

I’ve already written about how some of my attraction to Godard is purely superficial. The look of them. The actors and actresses. The sheer cool factor. There’s more to them than that, obviously. But to dismiss that part of them seems insincere.

There are a lot of great looking Godard movies. Not surprisingly, there are also a lot of great looking Godard posters. I’ve selected just a few of the ones I’ve found. I’ve tried to limit them to actual posters, not magazine or dvd covers. A few of those might still have mistakenly gotten through. But, as far as I know, these are all theatrical release posters of some sort. Even if several of them are from re-releases.

I should also mention that they were not picked by my feelings for the actual films. They were picked, at least primarily, on their aesthetics.

Having said that, it is far easier to find posters of the more popular, early Godard films than the later ones. There are probably a hundred BREATHLESS posters out there for every one DETECTIVE poster. Luckily, a lot of those earlier, more popular films also had some tremendous posters made for them. So, I guess it all worked out.