Posters: The Real James Bond

Recently, Sean Connery died. He was 90. But somehow it still seemed like a horrible shock. Just one more piece of bad news in a year filled with it. Of all the times we needed 007’s smug reassurance, this was the year.

He only made six Bond films, seven if you include the 1983 film, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. Yet, those six films hold a grip on popular culture that is almost unrivaled. Anyone who doesn’t know the way the man likes his martinis must have been living under a rock someplace.

It’s even more remarkable when you consider the last (official) Bond film staring Sean Connery was made half-a-century ago. Yet, fifty years on, they feel even more ingrained into contemporary culture.

That’s not to say they don’t seem dated in some ways. Some good, like the classic cars and Mid-Century Modern architecture. Some not, like racism and misogyny that wouldn’t make it past the first draft of a modern screenplay. But, overall, we have agreed to accept and love them for what they are. Classic Bond.

Sean Connery is, and will always be, the only “true” Bond. That’s not to say the Daniel Craig and some of the others haven’t, with varying degrees of success, made the role their own. But they were always stepping into someone else’s shoes. Shoes created and fit to the confident stride of Connery.

Bond is Connery. Connery is Bond. That’s just the way it is.

Like many people this holiday season, I will probably find myself more isolated than normal with more time on my hands than usual. Such is the way of things in the world of Covid.

I will, like many, seek entertainment and comfort in the glow of a television. I will seek out the newest Netflix shows to binge on. Watch the classic movies I’ve never gotten around to seeing or feel the need to see again.

However, rest assured that I will also be seeking out the familiar and nostalgic comforts of DR. NO, GOLDFINGER, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and all the other classic Bond films.The Connery Bond fllms.

I have no doubt that when I see Connery walk into a room and introduce himself as Bond I will feel a little bit better about things. A little more hopeful. And a little more reassured that the world isn’t all that different from the one of a year ago, ten years ago, or even fifty years ago. At least, not in the big ways.

It may feel different. But the basics remain the same.

There will always be villains and a world threatened with destruction. And there will always be Sean Connery as Bond ready to set things right.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In the above Italian poster which specific villain (and movie) do not belong? Bonus points if you can name the villains from left to right and name the movie they are from. Three of them are the same villain depicted by different actors. Use the comments area below. The answers are on this page, near the bottom.