Crap I’ve Been Reading

I hate writing about books.

Which probably seems a bit weird since I write them myself and read a lot. Not to mention, I torture unwitting souls across the internet with my profound words of wisdom and grand pontificating regarding movies, music and God knows what else.

But books. I really just hate the idea of writing about books.

A lot of that comes down to the unbelievable amount of pretentious bullshit out there. A traditional book review in a major publication, like the New York Times for instance, is usually so off-putting it makes me want to stop reading.

No, not stop reading the review. But stop reading anything. Ever.

It’s nothing new. Books have been poisoned for hundreds of years by the pretension surrounding them. But the internet has made things even worse.

Much like those restaurant reviews on Yelp which go on forever, the reader’s reviews on Amazon often become “look at how smart I am” pieces. They are about showing the world how well-read and intelligent they are instead of more basic, sincere reactions to the thing they just read.

The internet has created a culture of mainstream writing pretension on a level we have never seen before. Now, every idiot with a phone or computer can be as obnoxious as the small circle of established critics already sucking the joy out of life.

What now? What pot where now? Anyway, moving on….

So, what is a guy who loves reading but hates talking about books, supposed to do?

The honest answer is that normally I just don’t. I try to avoid talking about the subject of books like I try to avoid eating food that smells a little funny. Just don’t.

That fish stinks for a reason.

Yet, it seems kind of weird to keep bothering with Shadows Writer and avoiding the topic. I love books. Books are amazing. Shadows Writer was originally created to talk about influences on my own writing which, shockingly enough, includes many great books. So, it just doesn’t really make sense to avoid it like the Pre-Covid Plague.

But I think I have found an answer.

For the purpose of this exercise I’m going to pretend I’m Spotify or Amazon. I’m going to create a kind of a “if you liked this, you might like this” thing.

But I’m not going to use words. Nope, not for this.

Words are great, amazing, wonderful things in books. They are the exact opposite when writing about books. Which leaves us with this: I”m going to just show you.

Enjoy the pretty pictures.

Books I’ve read recently (however long “recently” is).



Least Favorite

Ok, I think we’re done now. If you insist on more details about any of them, use the comments below. I will even use words to answer if I must. For that matter, if you recently read something great, please tell me or, better yet, just post a photo of it in the comments.

Alright, enough talking. Time to read.