Some CinePOSTER Under :60 Videos

I feel a little uneasy about this post.

The reason is that the under :60 videos on this page were all made to promote CINE POSTER. is my side-gig selling vintage movie posters. Its primary goal is to sell stuff. The purpose of SHADOWS WRITER is anything but that.

SHADOWS WRITER has been, is, and always will be, for the purpose of just writing about things I find inspiring. Not promoting or selling a damn thing. In fact, it costs me money to keep.

It has also existed long before the poster gig grew from hobby to business. In short, it’s its own thing and will always stay that way.

Hence, and therefore….the slightly anxious feeling I get whenever I blur the two. I just don’t know how to stop it.

We live in strange times where self as self and self as product have gotten way, way, too mixed up.

It’s kind of like those horrible gatherings for happy hour that are about “networking.” The ones that aren’t explicitly named as such. You know, the ones where the beautiful woman/man comes up to you and for a second you think they might be into you and true love has been found. Then it turns out they just want to know who you work for.

All that horror has been amplified by the wonders of social media into epic, world changing (and/or destroying) proportions.

I hate it.

Yet, I am definitely a part of it. I’ve got more social media accounts than a monkey has fingers. And “no” I have no idea what that really means, I just thought it sounded good.

Anyway, in spite of all that, I’m going to do this post anyway. The main reason is that I think the that people might actually enjoy them. That, and, I’m actually kind of proud of these little videos and I feel like showing off.

Sure, it would be great if a bunch of people were energized to go to CINE POSTER and started collecting vintage posters. It would also be really cool if some people clicked on links to older SHADOWS WRITER posts that they might have passed over before.

So, do all that too, if you want. But in the meantime, just watch a couple videos and see what you think. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to do something really silly and make some of your own.

Doing something just because you want to. Now, there’s an idea.



This one was inspired by the pre-made iMovie background of a red velvet curtain that instantly reminded me of Lynch. The phone idea is probably out of my love for the woefully underappreciated LOST HIGHWAY. How can people love MULHOLLAND DRIVE and not love LOST HIGHWAY? I just don’t get it. By the way, in case you’ve forgotten, LOST HIGHWAY also had an absolutely killer soundtrack featuring David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.


Not much to say about this one other than it features a somewhat random collection of Hitchcock film posters. Some films like REAR WINDOW are about as classic as they get. Others, like FRENZY, not so much.


This one will make absolutely no sense to anyone but die-hard Godard fans and Cinema Studies geeks. The sound, typeface, etc. will just seem weird and annoying to everyone else. The video is based around a quote attributed to Godard which he claims he never said. He insists it was D.W. Griffith who said it, or something like it, long before he was even making movies. I won’t give you the full quote, for that you should watch the video. But it’s about how you really only need two things to make a movie. The woman featured in it is Godard’s favorite actress (and wife) for many years, Anna Karina.


Meiko Kaji was a total bad ass. She was in three film franchises simultaneously playing very dangerous women. The sort that might kill you in a multitude of incredibly violent and disturbing ways. She was a huge, and credited, inspiration to Quentin Tarantino, most notably in his KILL BILL movies. She is an icon that deserves far more recognition by far more people.


HITCH-HIKE was a cheap, 70s Italian exploitation film that became a far better movie than it set out to be. It stared Corrine Clery who was riding high after staring in the S&M classic, THE STORY OF O. Although there is sex and violence to spare in HITCH-HIKE, there’s also some absolutely brutal psychological game playing. It’s fun stuff. Not to mention the poster is rather intriguing. One last thing, do NOT watch the dub, watch the subtitled version of Hitch-Hike only. The dub is truly horrific.


ROLLERBALL, SOYLENT GREEN, OMEGA MAN…These are not movies which ever appear on “Greatest Cinema of All Time” lists. But who cares. I watch all of them repeatedly. The same goes for DEMON SEED. There’s something about 70s scifi that makes them stand apart from films of other decades. The look of them, the sets, the overall vibe. Screw CITIZEN KANE. I’d rather watch ROLLERBALL again any day of the week.


There’s another version of this video for TikTok with that photo of the characters as the background, animated fireworks and some super-annoying, Japanese, anime-style music. So, consider yourself lucky you’re getting the far more tame Facebook/Instagram version! The idea is simple enough. Get your geek on and embrace your inner otaku. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find somebody that knows what the hell you are talking about and isn’t creeped out by the whole thing.