Random KINKS

For those of you thinking this was about sex, sorry. Sexy. Maybe. But actual sex. Not here, Bub. THE KINKS I was referring to are the rock band from England.

Ray Davies, his brother, and assorted others cranked out an absolutely astounding amount of music from 1963 until the late nineties. Thirty years plus of catchy, sometimes weird, and often wonderful music which made them one of the most respected bands of all time. At least by their fellow musicians.

Sadly, they never quite achieved that same level of respect among the American public. They were once a band mention in the same breath with The Beatles, The Stones and The Who. A legendary British Invasion band that just couldn’t stop making music. But now? Kind of dismissed by many, or worse, and this pains me to say, even unknown to some.

How can this be?! How can people not be familiar with the KINKS and their vast bounty of rock n’ roll goodness? How I ask?!!

But it’s true.

Sure, most people will know “You Really Got Me” or “All the Day and All of the Night.” However, they are just as likely to know one of the covers of their songs by other artists as the original. “Stop Your Sobbing Now” by the Pretenders. Or that horrible thing Van Halen did to one of their songs.

A few might know “Lola” but how about “Waterloo Sunset?” “Jukebox Music?” “20th Century Man?” or “Nothing in the World Can Stop Me Worrying ’bout That Girl?”

Well?! How about it?

OK, they might now that last one if they are Wes Anderson fans. He used it in RUSHMORE. In fact, Wes Anderson has used a lot of KINKS songs in his movies. Three in DARJEELING LIMITED alone.

Thank God for that. Without Wes Anderson, my guess is there would be millions more out there unaware of the KINKS and their huge catalogue of music. He’s done for the KINKS what Tarantino did for Meiko Kaji movies. Made them new and hip to a whole generation which had been living in ignorance.

But I can’t put it all on Wes. I have to do my part. I’ve always liked THE KINKS and in the last month or two went through my own period of revisiting their music. I made a real effort not to just focus on the Early-Sixties stuff that I am such a huge fan of but to relisten to most of their albums.

Some I still don’t like. Many I like several songs from but don’t love the album as a whole. And a few, LOLA vs. POWERMAN for instance, are suddenly in the running for my favorite album to listen to whenever I get the chance.

Being the kind soul that I am, it was only natural I should share my renewed enthusiasm for them. Such things are what SHADOWS WRITER is all about.

So, this post has one goal. Get some KINKS into your life!

For those who know them, I hope it reawakens your love. For those that only know a few hits or covers, I hope this reminds you how absolutely massive their output was and just how many great songs they had.

And lastly, for those who have never heard of them or cannot name a single song by them…

What the hell is wrong with you?!

But you’re welcome.


LOLA (Live), 1970

NOTHING IN THIS WORLD…, 1965 (from RuSHMORE, 1998)

20th CEntury mAN, 1971 (fan video)

THE HARD WAY, 1975 (performed Live, 1980)