Yes, that’s me. I don’t usually look quite so…whatever. But I kind of like the photo. And, like everything else on this site, it’s all about the stuff I like.

Shadows Writer was started as a place to share some of the things that influenced my book, BRIGHT SHADOWS. It has since gone on to become about my inspirations in general.

It’s about my love of movies, music and other things which has not only seeped into my novels but keeps life, more or less, interesting.

It is not a commercial site and nothing is sold from it. It is simply a place to write about the stuff I find fascinating and felt like sharing.

Thanks for taking a look, unless you’re a scammer or otherwise annoying, in which case I curse you to a life of bad indigestion and terrible, inexplicable itching. But for all of you who are here for the right reasons, thanks.

I hope you find the site interesting.

Kevin Leicinger